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About us


Bio, represents a living organism, something that is a part of nature. Tonic, is a substance that invigorates you and makes you feel better. Together, we have combined natural ingredients that are not only nutritional but have medicinal benefits to elevate your health.

Here at Biotonic Labs, we want to provide you with products that deliver a holistic health approach, and take care of every aspect of your wellbeing including physical health, emotional nurture, mental stimulation, focus, clarity and nourishment.



Biotonic Labs was created in 2018 by Amy and Luka from their passion for natural health remedies which was a big part of both of their upbringings. Together they share the same vision of creating natural, superfood products, using high quality ingredients and making them accessible and convenient.



Amy grew up using traditional Chinese medicine and other natural remedies to treat health issues, pains and illnesses. Her approach to natural medicine was passed down through generations by her Chinese heritage on her mother’s side, and became an integral part of her life.

For the past eight years, Amy has worked in the media and advertising industry in Sydney. Living a fast paced lifestyle she has always made sure that her health remains a top priority. Wanting to function at her best, Amy began seeking out natural health supplements as this has always worked for her, which is when she discovered medicinal mushrooms. Amazed at the improvements the supplements had on her health, she wanted to share the benefits with others, but in an easy-to-consume, on-the-go way, which is where the idea of Biotonic Labs mushroom capsules originated.

Amy consumes medicinal mushrooms for her every day health. "I take Lion's mane mushroom extract every day which has improved my ability to focus at work, which is essential in a fast-paced industry. As for Reishi, I take this when my immune system is down or if I feel stressed as it relaxes me after a long day. With few medicinal mushroom products on the market in Australia, it has been important for me to source pure mushroom products that are authentically organic with verified compounds and to make these available in different forms, which led me to start Biotonic Labs with Luka."



Luka grew up in Croatia, where sports and keeping fit were essential to his everyday life. He went on to become a football player in the Croatian first and second professional league. His career finished earlier due to injuries so he dedicated his life to coaching and completed a Bachelor in Education and the highest football coaching accreditation in the world, UEFA PRO licence. 

Over the last 15 years, Luka has become an expert in football coaching and sport development through working with top professionals and elite youth players. He also runs his own football academy called Cognitive Situational Training for groups under 8 - 18 years old.  

As a former athlete and current coach, Luka understands the importance of having a nutritional diet for both the body and mind to perform at its peak. He has a strong passion for natural health products which is why he takes medicinal mushrooms every day for both his mental and physical health. "In top sports, crucial key points of success are decision making and calmness in high pressure situations which you practise over years. Lion's mane helps me with mental focus in my work where I am constantly challenged under pressure and need to make a quick decision in the moment." 



Amy and Luka at the Bondi Farmers Markets